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            Recovering From Bad Relationships, Horrific Breakups, Attachment Issues and Disordered Exes

            GPYB Coaching and Counseling is done primarily through Zoom video conference. You can partake in GPYB Coaching and Counseling from anywhere in the world.

            There are on-going boot camps, workshops, classes and trainings. In 2019, there will many new things being developed and offerings made. There will be new “mini books,” new podcasts, new articles and new videos. Most importantly, there will be more access to the program’s developer and we always want to hear from you – what do you want to see, what would be helpful, where are you in the program…and what would be most helpful.

            General GPYB Coaching/Counseling

            There are many different options for clients to work the GPYB program, including one-on-one with the creator of the program. If you are a domestic violent victim or the former partner of the personality disordered or have attachment issues, GPYB Counseling and Coaching is for you. However, this option is not always available as the client list often closes for months (or years) at a time.

            If you are interested in using GPYB as your main therapy option, on-going for an indefinite period, that is one option. If you are interested in working through the original, structured 8-10 week program, that is another option.

            Divorce Coaching

            Susan J. Elliott, J.D., M.Ed. specializes in working with domestic violence victims, former partners of the personality disordered and those with attachment disorders. As a therapist and an attorney, she does divorce coaching across the US and in Canada. Divorce coaching is a cross between therapy and legal assistance. Understanding the tactics of the personality disordered is imperative if you are going through divorce or other legal issues with someone who is personality disordered. Whether or not you have a family law attorney, you can have a divorce coach to help you with the intersection of law and psychology.

            As an attorney, a former psychiatric clinician and a therapist, I know both the legal and the mental health systems in a way few others do. If you are putting together a list of questions for lawyers, mediators, parenting coordinators, guardian ad litems, etc., you can consult with m before you contact a legal professional.

            The Original GPYB Program Option

            The original GPYB program – as a counseling / coaching option – is 8-10 weeks in duration. We consult, we decide on the plan of action and then we go. If you are interested in GPYB One-on-On Healing A Broken Heart: basic level, intermediate level, advanced level.

            Appointment Options

            You can make an appointment for coaching, for moving through the GPYB process or for consultation for working through the inventories. Typically a person will make 4-12 appointments over a six-month period. If you want to work the program with me, I suggest you purchase a package for a discount. You may also want to join one of the groups that will go through the books one chapter at a time.

            If you simply need to work the GPYB program while going through a separation or breakup or divorce, that is available as well. GBOT – getting back out there counseling is also available – Standards and Compatibility, dating again, starting a new relationship.


            I am available for strictly GPYB counseling either to go through the program, chapter by chapter, or just to be a breakup counselor-one or more sessions; I am available for legal consultation (as in sharing information or explaining what things are as you go through, or get ready to go through, the adversarial process or mediation or self-represented child custody and visitation or divorce.)


            Some insurance companies pay for GPYB Counseling. We can’t guarantee and we don’t submit to insurance but we will fill out all the forms for you to submit and we will supply the necessary codes and other information that insurance companies require.

            Make an appointment

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